Selling Strategies

When sellers become comfortable in their environment, it can often be difficult to see beyond their personal space and determine what changes can be made to enhance the property’s ability to show to its maximum potential.  Ashlyn Jane can provide advice such as minor renovations needed to enhance a property’s value, de-cluttering options, and small inexpensive additions to make the property appeal to a wide range of buyers.

Home Staging & Interior Decorating

Focused on improving the look of a structure and/or individual rooms, or whether completely re-designing or altering a space, we can work with your current furniture, artwork, lighting, paint and décor to highlight your home’s best qualities.  Also, we can provide advice as to what we can do to make your property show ready.

Property Valuation

A property is typically worth what someone will pay for it, however, you need a number to start with before a home can be listed or negotiations can begin.  Pricing a property can be challenging due to multiple factors.  These factors include people’s emotions, market knowledge, and other motivations that may affect the listing, presentation, and ultimately, the selling price.  Our team will carefully determine the value of comparable properties while taking into account multiple factors including your property size, structure, interior and exterior condition, location, and architectural features.  Compiling this key information will allow us to properly determine an accurate listing price that ultimately suits both the seller and buyer.